Thank you for visiting the gallery, I created to represent the modern ukrainian art on Net, for that people who want to know a bit more about it.
Here you can meet authors in 3th different categories: paintings, drawings and sculptures. Periodically, one authors will be replaced by others, so to find out about who will be represented here in the nearest future, you have click on "Soon". And the listing of all aurhors, exhibitited here, you will find in the "Authors".
If you still haven't Netscape 2.0 or higher, then get it now, in other case you will not be able to see works in auto mode, so called "Autoview".
As to me, owner of that virtual gallery, that I have nothing to do with art, but I have many friends who help me to do my business so as I can.
And now a bit more about me: I'm 26, student in my last year of Kiev University of Civil Aviation. My cybername in the Net is Andrey and Red October (only don't ask me why Red October, it's long very long story..:) )

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